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Warm Strangers

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one of my favorite films ever made...
inb4 i end up writing meta about it (which i might):
ephemeral settings are a conceit that require a deft and delicate touch to pull off
especially if the ephemerality is used as a niche for relationships that otherwise would not or could not exist.
the thing about knn is that the setting niche isn't just a physical space: when takao and yukino return to the park when it isn't raining
they don't find each other.
it's the rain.
takao's use of the rain as a justification for skipping school to pursue his passion
coinciding with yukino's avoidance of the vicious rumors circulating around the school about her and the invasions into her privacy.
rainfall creates a transient atmosphere within the gardens that suspends considerations of the world beyond.
takao distrusts adults and conceals his passion for shoemaking.
yukino's experience with the resentful students in her class tarnishing her professional and personal lives with their rumors
renders her incapable of returning to the school and facing them.
yet they connect: takao confides in yukino about his dream; yukino becomes personally invested in his future
and buys him the shoemaking book. she supports him and in so doing decides how she will move forward.
even though the connection is interstitial it's genuine. they enjoy each other's company. they feel happy in one another's presence.
but when takao articulates a label for what they have (''i think i've fallen in love with you'') it upsets everything.
yukino has no recourse but to use her adulthood and position as a teacher to rebuff his feelings.
it's betrayal: takao's inappropriate feelings for her (and hers for him) mirror the lie at the center of the rumors.
if she allowed it or expressed a reciprocation it would have retroactively substantiated them.
yukino retreating behind her adulthood to distance herself from takao mirrors the adults in his life who
have disappointed him. have left him to care for himself. have never believed in him.
and it's that impasse that allows them to articulate their pain:
takao has an outburst where he expresses his pain and disappointment and resentment of the adults who've failed him
and yukino is able to articulate what's important. that takao saved her. that having him in her life helped her cope recover and move on.
it's nothing short of stunning. in the end it's not about whether they end up together (which they might or might not)
but that they were in each other's lives. that through that ephemeral space they connected in a way that mattered
and saved both of them.

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